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Linda Duke

Local Store Marketing University was created by one of the restaurant industry’s foremost marketing experts, Linda Duke.  Ms. Duke started her full service marketing agency, Duke Marketing, LLC. in 1989. After hundreds of requests following her speaking engagements, Duke published her real client restaurant case studies from over twenty years in her book, Four Star Restaurant Marketing Cookbook—Recipes for Restaureurs”. The client case studies are used to illustrate concepts and results, and assist readers in understanding how their own sales building programs can be easily executed. Following the success of her book, Duke created the LSM-U workshop to train operators how to use the book and put local store marketing plan in place.


Over the past twenty-five years, Linda Duke, the author’s firm, Duke Marketing, has developed local store marketing programs for some of the top restaurant brands in the United States.  Her specialty is consulting and teaching restaurant owners, chef’s and operators how to apply marketing tactics to help accelerate restaurant sales, frequency and awareness.  She has provided on-site coordination for over 250 restaurant openings and even more on-location events across the United States using these recipes.  After testing a 52 week marketing program, the LSM Diet, with a real restaurant chain client and proving the diet works, Duke created it into a workshop to help attendees plan their own local store marketing with a 52 week plan of tactics to execute.


“We’ve learned how to create and implement turn-key programs that drive sales for just about any restaurant concept, and have put these programs into two great workshops,” Duke says.  For more information on Ms. Duke, read her BIO at

Michael Fagen

With a background in retail sales and management training, Michael Fagen, offers LSM-U attendees an experienced prospective to increasing sales. From managing hundreds of retail stores and hiring, training thousands of managers, Michael brings 30+ years of training experience to LSM-U.  Michael gets LSM-U attendees participating with role playing and coaching sessions of LSM-U.  For more information read Mr. Fagen’s BIO at

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