LSM Diet

The LSM DietTM is a 52 week plan to increase sales not your waistline!

“The LSM Diet™”  “Improve your Bottom-line, not your Waistline ™” is a companion workshop for the educational program, LSM-U™, “Local Store Marketing University™”, offered as a training and workshop session devised to enhance restaurant marketer’s ability to understand, create and implement local store marketing strategies to increase sales and awareness.

The LSM Diet workshop includes participants developing a 52 week LSM Diet™ plan.


LSM is an acronym used in the retail and hospitality industries for Local Store Marketing, which is a specific plan targeted to potential customers within the three to five-mile radius around a store location. The LSM Diet™, created by Linda Duke, a 25 year restaurant industry marketing expert and author, offers restaurant and retail operators a marketing diet program to generate more sales through the use of local store marketing tactics in a 52 week program similar to following a diet.


“Local Store Marketing is very similar to a Diet,” says Linda Duke.  “There is no ‘magic pill’ and success definitely doesn’t happen overnight. The LSM Diet™ provides operators’ with guidelines and recommendations to generate awareness, increase trial and sales by following a 9-12 month marketing diet plan.”


 “Local Store Marketing success doesn’t happen unless you make a commitment to change behaviors and habits just like a diet,” Duke professes.  The LSM Diet™ follows a 9-12 month marketing plan with local store marketing tactics used in conjunction with a variety of communications vehicles to make the most impact with very little money.  The LSM Diet™ focuses on what the author terms “ROI” or Return on Involvement.  “The LSM Diet™ is a philosophy for operators to understand the importance of local store marketing and how it can provide “ROI-Return on Involvement,” says Duke.

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