Frequently Asked Questions:

What is LSMU?

Local Store Marketing University™ is a customized interactive educational

workshop and certification program to enhance restaurant leaders knowledge of local store marketing and increase sales within a 1 - 3 mile radius around their neighborhood. The LSM Diet™ is a 52 week marketing program and is designed to increase the bottom line not your waistline!

What does it cost?

LSM-U is a four hour workshop. Each participant receives a LSM-U backpack, t-shirt, a customized workbook, materials to develop their own LSM plan - a 52 week "LSM Diet", and earns a Certificate of Completion. Cost is a one time investment depending on the number of attendees. Call for pricing.

Can you customize the LSM-U training for my brand?

Every LSM-U session is customized for each particular brand. Prior to the LSM-U session, attendees receive a questionnaire to fill out, prioritize local marketing activities, and provide input. Questionnaires are tallied and priority activities are discussed for best results at LSM-U.

Who should attend LSM-U

Restaurant operators, marketers, franchisees, general managers, and field marketing operations teams.

What does the LSM Diet Workshop entail?

The LSM Diet is a companion workshop to LSM-U and requires an additional 2 hours of time.  Participants create their own 52 week marketing plan.

Where does LSM-U take place?

Choose your venue. At your annual convention or regional meeting. Duke Marketing will fly two people to attend, (travel is additional). We have held them at food distributors regional conference rooms, movie theaters, hotels restaurant associations, and convention centers.

When is the best time for LSM-U?

Training your team about local store marketing is good to do ANYTIME! Kicking off the first of the year with a focus on local marketing and prior to rolling out new marketing programs are great times.

What do I need to do to host LSM-U training?

Contact Duke Marketing at or call 415-608-3709.

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