Curriculum - LSM-U

Typically a four hour session

Customized for each session

Competition and defending your position

Understanding your competitors - Major competitors? Other?

Understanding and communicating your strengths

Tried and True

Tactics that drive sales - LSM, direct mail, radio, TV, newspaper?What still works?

Tracking results - understanding and goal setting

New Media

Making sense of new media

Understanding how to communicate through new media

Tracking and ROI

Food Marketing

Flavor - spicing up your menu

Create opportunities for demonstration and sampling

Menu descriptions and storytelling

Public Relations

Understanding journalism today

Communications - internal and external messages and planning

Making the most out of Events and PR stunts

Integrating for success

Putting all together - integration of marketing tactics

Mastering the art of EXECUTING - hit, run, catch, score

Creating a plan to sustain efforts - creating a 52 week plan


LSM-U Video

The LSM DietTM

The LSM DietTM and LSM planning

Training Franchisees and Getting Participation

Creating Mini Market Plans - Diaries

Custom LSM ideas!

The LSM Diet is a companion workshop to LSM-U and requires an additional 2 hours to allow attendees to complete their own 52 week plan.

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