LSM‐U, Local Store Marketing University™, is an interactive educational session and workshop devised to enhance restaurant marketer’s ability to understand, create and implement local store marketing strategies to increase sales and awareness within their ‐3 mile neighborhood surrounding their restaurant.


LSM‐U has been offered as an educational certification course at state restaurant associations and top restaurant chains across the United States and Canada. Each LSM‐U workshop is customized for each restaurant brand, and can be offered at annual conventions and regional training sessions.


LSM‐U was developed by 25+ year restaurant marketing veteran, Linda Duke, CEO of Duke Marketing, and author of “Four Star Restaurant Marketing Cook‐book—Recipes for Restaurateurs'™”, nominated for a James Beard Award and the IACP International Association of Culinary Professionals for best resource, is a marketing binder with 200 local store marketing tactics, written like recipes with easy to follow directions, published in 2008.


Following the success of her book, Duke created Local Store Marketing University, to train restaurant operators how to use the “recipes” in the book successfully. In 2011, Duke developed the LSM Diet™, a proven 52 week marketing plan, based on actual client case studies. Now the LSM Diet is part of the LSM‐U workshop. LSM‐U workshop is 4 hours and includes: Proven LSM case studies and tactics are shared. Attendees each receive a LSM‐U backpack, t‐‐shirt and a customized handbook, materials to develop their own LSM plan - their 52 week “LSM Diet,™” and each participant earns a Certificate of Completion.

"Four Star Restaurant Marketing Cookbook - Recipes for RestaurateursTM"

An award winning 300 page marketing binder for restaurant operators with 200 LSM tactics written like recipes with easy to follow directions to increase sales.


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